Luckiest Patcher List of 2016: The most popular, least popular, and best of 2016

The luckiest patcher is still on the rise, and that’s because the majority of the year is over.There are just a handful of patchers that are still in the running for the title of luckiest, but for this list, I decided to go for the most popular.That makes sense, because luck is a powerful motivator,…

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The luckiest patcher is still on the rise, and that’s because the majority of the year is over.

There are just a handful of patchers that are still in the running for the title of luckiest, but for this list, I decided to go for the most popular.

That makes sense, because luck is a powerful motivator, and luck is what makes a good story.

And in 2016, luck played a large role in the stories that made the most of the new technology in the marketplace.

Some of the stories were just about luck.

In the space of just two years, we saw a surge in the number of apps that offered unlimited downloads, a surge that was driven largely by the fact that there were a lot of people downloading them.

In 2016, we also saw a lot more people sign up for cloud storage and share files online, and the number that did so surged.

The number of people who downloaded the new Google Glasses and Apple Watch watches also spiked, which was also driven largely through the fact there were more people buying those things.

And while these are all relatively new technologies, we know that people have been using them for years and years and that people who have never used them in their lives still care about them.

We’ve seen the rise of these new devices because they’re incredibly useful.

The only real downside to these devices, of course, is that they are extremely expensive.

You can buy a pair of these things for over $1,000,000.

And with so many of these devices out there, it’s easy to see how some people would never actually be able to afford to buy them, and they also come with a hefty price tag.

There were a few people on this list that I feel lucky to be on.

For this list I selected the most successful patchers, because they’ve been around for a while and have the potential to be the most important things in your life for a long time.

Here are the 25 luckiest Patchers of 2016.


Ryan McCaffrey Luckiest PATcher of the Year by Time Magazine in December 2016.

McCaffrey is the CEO of McCaffery Labs, a company that creates custom technology for organizations like banks and the military.

The Patcher program allows anyone to create custom apps for the iPhone or Android and lets them monetize them through Google Ads and AdSense.

McCaffey said the program has been so successful that he is considering getting into another one.


Dan Ochsner The most viral Patcher of 2016 by Time magazine in January 2016.

Och and his team at the startup, The Flop, were able to generate over 1.5 million downloads in just six months after their app, The Fly, was released.

The Flobber was the first app to allow people to rent out their cars.

The company went on to become one of the top ten most downloaded apps on the App Store, but the app has since been taken off the app store.


Robbie Williams The most trending Patcher on the Fortune 500 list in May 2016.

Williams was one of four founding members of the company behind the popular Flop app, and he went on in the years that followed to build more apps that were widely popular.


Ben Horowitz Luckiest of the Luckiest in November 2016 by Fortune magazine.

Horowitz and his company, Big Idea Ventures, launched their first app, a social media analytics company, in April of 2016, and then quickly built a social marketing app, Big Data, for the company.

Horowitz has been a huge player in the tech industry, having founded a number of successful startups over the years.


Jared Wicker Luckiest and most successful Patcher in November 2017 by The Verge in a story about the success of his app, Bambino, on the iPhone.

Wicker is also one of just a few Patchers who have built a business based on the success and popularity of their apps.

The first thing you notice about Bambini is the simplicity of the app, with no ads, no popups, and just a simple interface.

The way that Bambinis user interface looks and feels makes it feel more like an app than a website.

Bambinos users have access to a range of features that include photo galleries, analytics, video recordings, and analytics for real-time video.


James Altucher Luckiest, most successful, and most popular Patcher by Forbes magazine in December 2017.

Altuchers software, Bamboo, was the most downloaded app in the history of the AppStore in May 2017.

And since then, Bamboos business has grown exponentially.

The app has been used by Fortune 500 companies and major organizations like the NFL, ESPN, and Google.


Joe Sacco Luck

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