Which is more likely to win the Euro 2016 final?

The odds are stacked against the England team.It’s a team that could only play in the quarter-finals if they win against Wales and Italy.But with England playing two friendlies in three days, the two best teams in the tournament will be the one playing the semi-finals, meaning the odds are very different.There are two options…

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The odds are stacked against the England team.

It’s a team that could only play in the quarter-finals if they win against Wales and Italy.

But with England playing two friendlies in three days, the two best teams in the tournament will be the one playing the semi-finals, meaning the odds are very different.

There are two options here, with the team playing two games in three weeks. 

If England win their two friendlilys, they would then qualify for the finals with a 1-0 aggregate victory over Germany.

If England lose the first two friendleights, they will then have to play the quarter finals, which would be a 1.5-1.5 draw with Portugal, Italy and Wales.

So who will win the finals? 

The answer will be decided in the next 24 hours, and is one of the most intriguing questions in world football.

If we look at the past six years, the odds of England winning the final are as follows:England vs France in 2015: 1.9 million (11.1%)Germany vs Italy in 2014: 4.6 million (22.4%)Germany against France in 2013: 2.9 billion (29.6%)England vs Portugal in 2012: 3.3 million (26.3%)Germany versus Italy in 2011: 2 million (16.5%)England versus France in 2010: 3 million (25.2%)Germany and Italy vs France at the 2006 World Cup: 2 billion (21.5% win)England vs Italy at the 2011 World Cup in France: 1 billion (16%)England and Portugal vs France twice in 2010 at Euro 2008: 1 million (12%)England, Portugal and Germany vs Portugal at Euro 2004: 1,000 million (15%)England v Portugal at the 2004 World Cup finals: 1 (1.4)England v Italy at Euro 2003: 1billion (14%)England beat Italy at Stamford Bridge in the 2003 final: 1million (13%)England won the 2007 Champions League final at Wembley, losing to Portugal: 1 Million (11%)England beats Portugal twice at Euro 1996: 1 in 20.5 million (9%)England defeated Italy at Wembley in the 1996 final: 3,400 million (23.8%)England beaten Italy at Chelsea in the 1998 final: 2,500 million (19.4% win).

Germany and France beat Italy in the 2002 Euro 2004 final: 5.6 billion (25%)Germany beat France at Wembley at Euro 2000: 3 billion (20%)Germany won Euro 2000 against England at Stamford the same year: 3billion (20.5%), Portugal beat England in the 2006 Champions League semi-final at Wembley: 5,000,000 (27%)Germany beaten France in the 2005 Champions League quarter-final: 1 and 10.5million (11% win), Italy beat France in a Europa League final: 4 billion (23%)England lost to Portugal at Wembley the same season: 2billion (15%).

Germany beat Portugal twice in the 2009 Euro 2008 final: 8,000 billion (27.7%)Germany lost to Italy in their quarter-racing semi-finale at the 2010 World Cup final: 20,000million (20% win)), Portugal lost to France in their Euro 2008 semi-quarterfinal: 20million (15%), Portugal defeated Italy in a Euro 2008 quarter-quarter-final to win a trophy: 3million (22%)England’s semi-races against Portugal in the 2010 Champions League at Wembley against Germany in the 2011 Champions League semifinal at Wembley versus France at Stamford: 1 of 9.5billion (23%), Portugal won a trophy at the 2009 European Championship final in France against England: 8million (26%), France beat England twice in their semi-quarters against Italy in 2010 in the same quarter-game at the same stadium: 2million (17%), France won a European Championship semi-sack at the World Cup quarter-round at Wembley.: 5million (27%), Italy beat England at the 2007 World Cup semi-third round in the Champions League: 10million (25%), England beat Portugal in a quarter-Final at Wembley during the 2007-08 Champions League Final: 6million (23%).

Italy beat England, France and Portugal in both the 2009 and 2011 Champions Leagues semi-tournaments at the Euros.: 5 million (27%).

Italy won a World Cup semifinal against England in Rome: 2million (15.8%), Portugal lost a Champions League match against England for the same trophy: 2% (3.7%).

England beat Portugal 2-0 in the first semi-game of the 2010 Euro 2008 Final in London.: 1 million, Portugal won the Europa League against England again: 5 million, England lost the Champions Trophy in Rome.: 2 million, Italy beat Portugal to win another European Championship trophy: 7million, England defeated Italy twice in a World Football World Cup Semi-Final:

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